Wine & Beer Walk

Twenty Mile Winery has many varieties of delicious wines and olive oils.

It should come as no surprise that the Danish village of Solvang, California also plays host to many award-winning tasting rooms! From Italian varietals to the Rhone Valley to French Bordeaux, from tasting rooms to wine bars and wineries, Solvang is the perfect location to sample California’s Santa Barbara County wines that are famous for putting the region on the wine map.

Solvang Third Wednesday Wine and Beer WalkThe Solvang 3rd Wednesday Wine & Beer Walk costs just $20 per person, which includes a ticket to sample two wines at five participating wine – and/or beer – tasting rooms, a specialty logo glass, and a map to help you navigate your way through all of the fun! The Wine & Beer Walk is every 3rd Wednesday, from 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM. (Must be 21 and over to purchase Wine & Beer Walk tickets.)

Solvang 3rd Wednesday Wine & Beer Walk tickets may be purchased in advance on-line, at On each Solvang 3rd Wednesday, Wine & Beer Walk participants may pick up their Wine & Beer Walk logo glass, tasting vouchers and map at Wandering Dog Wine Bar (1539-C Mission Drive), D.Volk Wines (1588 Mission Drive), and/or at The Good Life Cellar (1672 Mission Drive).

Solvang 3rd Wednesday Wine & Beer Walk tickets do not expire: Guests who fall short of five tasting spots during one monthly 3rd Wednesday, may save their partially-used tickets and 3rd Wednesday Wine & Beer Walk glass, for use on a future Solvang 3rd Wednesday.

And…once you have a Solvang 3rd Wednesday Wine & Beer Walk glass, pay only $15 per person for a pack of 5 more tasting tickets – that’s 10 more tastes – for any 3rd Wednesday Wine & Beer Walk!

The Carivintas Winery tasting room is dog-friendly and taste-bud-friendly!

The streets of Solvang are peppered with wine tasting rooms that all have a special “something” to add to the atmosphere of the village. From Cali Love Wine’s rock music theme to Toccata’s Italian ambience, the Solvang 3rd Wednesday Wine Walk allows you to do more than just wine tasting — it’s a whole experience! Park your car, stroll through town and you will find Barbera, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gewurtztraminer, Grenache, local sparkling wines, Malvasia Bianca, Marsanne, Merlot, Nebbiolo, Petite Verdot, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Port, Rose, Rousanne, Sangiovese, Semillon, Syrah, Tempranillo, unique blends, Viognier, and even Champagne, Moscato and dessert wines.

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Yes, there’s BEER on the Solvang 3rd Wednesday Wine & Beer Walk!

The Good Life, where you can enjoy specialty craft beers and wines.

You didn’t think that Solvang stopped at æbleskiver and wine, did you? Oh, no! Now the Solvang Wine Walk also includes beer tasting!

The Good Life and Santé Wine Bar & Lounge offer beers and lagers to compete with the popular Pinot and Chardonnay wines of the Santa Ynez Valley – from local craft beers to unique international options.

Solvang Brewing Company - Third Wednesday Wine & Beer Walk

The iconic Solvang Brewing Company.

Both of these venues welcome 3rd Wednesday Wine & Beer Walk participants until 7:00 PM. Wandering Dog Wine Bar also has a great selection of brews, beers and lagers available for tasting – not to mention a huge range of different wines and multiple tasting flights for both beer and wine.

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Wandering Dog Wine Bar has elegant collections of wine AND beer. {Photo by Jeremy Ball}

Below is a list of the wine and beer tasting rooms that you can enjoy on 3rd Wednesday’s Wine & Beer Walk. Each tasting room offers its own unique style, with special discounts and other offers for the occasion. For more information on the participating wine and beer tasting rooms, just click on their name. You may pick up your Wine & Beer Walk logo glass, tasting vouchers and map, at the locations in bold.

  1. The Good Life – wine bar / beer tasting
  2. Carivintâs – wine tasting
  3. Toccata – wine tasting
  4. Dascomb Cellars – wine tasting
  5. Lucas & Lewellen – wine tasting
  6. 20 Mile Winery – wine tasting
  7. Wandering Dog Wine Bar – wine bar / beer tasting
  8. Casa Cassara Winery – wine tasting
  9. Cali Love Wine – wine tasting
  10. Santé Wine Bar & Lounge – wine / beer bar
  11. Sevtap Winery – wine tasting
  12. Section Wines – wine tasting
  13. D.Volk Wines – wine tasting
  14. Feliz Noche Cellars – wine tasting