Of course, you have to be in Solvang in order to enjoy Solvang 3rd Wednesday! Below is a simple, easy-to-read map of downtown Solvang with information on where the free parking and public bathrooms are located. Read further, and we’ll help you get to Solvang from points North and South, and further down is even more information!

From the South: Take Highway 101 North to Highway 246. Take Highway 246 East into Solvang.

From the North: Take Highway 101 South to Highway 246. Take Highway 246 East into Solvang.

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Other Important Locations in Solvang

Solvang Visitors Center Third Wednesday Map Guide

The Solvang Visitors Center

The Solvang Visitors Center is located at 1639 Copenhagen Drive and is open 10 AM – 5 PM, daily. Located right in the middle of downtown Solvang, it’s easy to spot and full of helpful guides and maps, as well as information and schedules for all the wonderful events and occasions both in the near and far future. Knowledgeable attendants are waiting to help you enjoy your Solvang Experience!

Parking is free on Solvang streets and in City Parking Lots. Enter City lots from Mission Drive near 4th Place, Copenhagen Drive across from Second Street, Oak Street between Second & Fifth Streets, or Alisal Road on the south side of Mission Drive.

Solvang Park is the perfect location for picnics, family fun, and relaxation.

Solvang Park is at the corner of Mission Drive and First Street, and the only park you see as you drive into Solvang; it also features conveniently-located public restrooms, as well as a bronze bust statue that stands tribute to the famous Hans Christian Andersen (you’ll see this name often in Solvang). Solvang Park is the main location for most outdoor events in Solvang, due in part to its spacious gazebo.